Bamboo Cheese Board w/ Cutlery Drawer

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This complete set is professionally handmade with eco-friendly natural bamboo that is sturdy, antibacterial, odor-resistant and durable to last for years. It’s easy to clean and requires no maintenance. Designed with your utmost convenience in mind, this remarkable Bamboo Cheese Board has a hidden drawer that houses 4 high-quality stainless steel cheese tools with bamboo handles for an easy grip and a surrounding well for crackers, fruits, nuts, etc. This multi-purpose tailored platter is an ideal gift for the wine and cheese lover in your life. Clean your board with warm water and wipe with bamboo oil for lasting beauty.

First Time Use

Prior to its first use, you need to seal and condition your new and untreated Bamboo Cheese Board with food grade mineral oil. Apply the oil to a clean rag and rub thoroughly across your board. Place the board in an upright position and leave it overnight to let the oil set. Oil creates a protective seal that repels water, prevents splitting, and gives a beautiful, smooth finish. 

Cleaning Instructions

  1. Clean the board with a damp towel and soap water.
  2. Remove the soap with a dry cloth. Allow the board to air dry for best results. 

* Never put your Bamboo Cheese Board in the dishwasher because the heat will damage the protective oil coating and the board may come out warped. Soaking the board in water for washing can also lead to warping. For best results, never soak the board under water.  

Proper Storage

Store your Bamboo Cheese Board in a dry and cool place where air can circulate around it. To keep the board from damaging, don’t place next to hot or humid areas (stove, microwave, etc.)