Butter Boy Butter Keeper & Dispenser

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Butter Boy and his friends live to make your life easier by applying fresh butter to hot corn-on-the-cob without you having to get your hands dirty. The Butter Boy butter spreader reduces waste and mess by rolling on butter or margarine directly rather than spreading it with a knife, which can be messy, uneven, and wasteful. This Butter Boy Butter Spreader is dishwasher safe and holds a full stick of butter. Stores upright in the fridge between uses. The innovative and fun way to spread butter/margarine over hot corn-on-the-cob.


  • Holds a full stick of butter or margarine
  • Eliminates messy hands!
  • Reduces waste!
  • Product Size: 4" tall by 3" wide
  • Interior Dimension: 1 inch x 1 inch

Please be cautious of the butter size being used *

Dishwasher Safe

  1. Remove cap to reveal exposed butter end
  2. Raise plunger to the right level of clearance
  3. Glide over hot corn on the cob
  4. Re-cap and return to the fridge to keep butter fresh and free of debris