LED Wooden Alarm Clock

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The LED Wooden Alarm Clock is perfect for any desk, table or nightstand. This alarm clock with an extra-large display will mix in well with a variety of decor styles and keep you on track, making sure you're on time for any commitment you may have. Designed for simplicity, there are no buttons or plastic parts on the front and sides of the clock. It displays time, date, humidity, and temperature clearly with bright and adjustable LED lights for a clean yet modern look.


  • Digital Alarm Clock - A multi-function digital alarm clock that displays time, date, temperature, and humidity with bright and clear LED lights. Displays time in both 12h/24h format and shows indoor humidity and temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Up to 3 alarms in few-minute intervals to replace the snooze function, each alarm rings for 1 minute.
  • Voice Control Function: Power-saving mode. Press the Down button and choose “oN:Sd” for Sound control mode (Power-saving mode), the screen will turn off after 10 seconds.
  • Dual Power Supply: Works mainly on plugged in cable power or backed up by 4×AAA batteries (Not included). Charging cable is included in the box.
  • Modern Compact Design: Intended for simplicity and elegance. Made with premium quality black MDF (medium density fiberboard) material, and adjustable LED backlight display (3 levels of brightness), this wooden alarm clock can perfectly fit in any furniture. Item Size approx. 5.9 L x 1.6 W x 2.8 H / weight 9.1 oz.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Wooden Alarm Clock
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Instruction Manual