Nchanted Flat Iron Brush

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Want To Know More?

  • Nchanted Flat Iron Brush uses American MCH speed-up heating technology, heat up to the maximum temperature 450℉ within 30 seconds, Almost 3 times faster than traditional PTC heating technology 
  • Built-in Double anion Launching port, release rich anion to 79 nano comb tooth and 158 heating panel, tightening the hair cuticle, and eliminate Static electricity
  • Unlike oval shaped brush, with the straight sides you can get right up to your scalp, and brush it all the way to the roots in one motion by covering much hair.
  • 360 Rotatable wire to prevent wire twining and gives you a smooth experience every time.

Additional Specs

Rate Voltage: 110V
Power: 50W 
Rate Frequency: 50/60HZ 
Heater: MCH 
Cord Length: approx 78.8 inches 
Weight:1.6 lbs

Package Includes: 

1X Nchanted Beauty Flating Brush 
1X Nchanted Beauty Travel Bag
User Manual