Poop Scooper with Easy-Grip Poop Scooper Bag

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A must-have tool for every dog owner. This scooper is solid, sturdy, and lightweight with an easy-to-grip handle. This essential is designed with a spring-controlled jaw clamp that ensures effortless one-handed scooping action, which means no more bending or kneeling to clear waste. Easily handle even the biggest messes with this hassle-free Jumbo Poop Scooper. Great for fast yard cleanup. Squeeze the handle and jaws open at the bottom to scoop and quickly close with spring action.  


  • Made of sturdy metal and plastic.  
  • Measures approximately 29" long with a 5.5" x 5" scooper.  
  • PLUS a BONUS Clean up Easy-Grip Poop Scooper (Cleanly and easily remove droppings by placing bag over the scooper to lift dog's droppings) 
    Easy-Grip Poop Scooper - Includes 50 bags - Measures 4.25"