SHABA TWS True Wireless Stereo Invisible Earbuds Wearable Charging Box Lanyard

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OK, these buds aren't really invisible, but they are SO light and comfortable, that it really will feel like you have nothing in your ears at all. Fully wireless, yet able to deliver a high-quality stereo experience, they also eliminate noise and echo to give you stellar audio, whether you're listening to your tunes or making a phone call. For those times you're feeling generous and want to share your music with someone else, there's dual mode, and if you want to pair your headset to another phone, you can use the multi-point capability. All this, plus a charging box that you can easily carry with you at all time thanks to the included lanyard, so you'll never have to worry about listening to the sounds of silence.

• Includes 3 sets of silicone caps in small, medium, and large, plus charging box with lanyard
• Built-in professional audio processing system to eliminate noise and echo
• High-quality chip for stereo sound and bass sound
• True wireless technology allows the left and right earbud keep connected 
• Soft and lightweight 
• Lanyard allows you to conveniently carry your charging case while safeguarding your earbuds
• Dual mode allows you to listen to music by yourself or share with someone
• Single mode allows for hands-free function
• Multi-point allows you to pair the headset to 2 phones
• 3–4 hours of premium quality talk/music play time 
• 40mAh lithium-polymer battery
• Full charge time: approximately 1–2 hours
• 300mAh capacity portable charging box can provide 2–3 times longer charge for the earbuds
• Standby time: 90 hours standby time